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Thank you for visiting this informational site for One New Davie High School.  The information on this page includes presentations and other information presented to the Board of Education and community about the plans for one new high school in Davie County.  In addition, we have answered the questions we hear most often related to the project.  As this project moves forward, updates will be posted here.

Facts on the New Davie County High School (PDF) - Updated January 1, 2014
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
BOE Resolution to Build New Davie County High School (PDF) 
Architects' Presentation 
Summary of Next Steps - April 2013
Letter from School Planning Division in Raleigh 
FAQ (PDF) - April 22, 2013
Other Schools Site Visit Photos  
Facilities Assessment & Long Range Plan Click to view downloadable PDF sections
BOC May 3, 2013 - Questions and Answers (PDF)
Recent Facilities Update  - April 11, 2014

Request for School Bond Vote Presentation to BOC - April 11, 2013
BOE Working Session - February 19, 2013