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School Matters - Friday, February 5, 2016

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Daily Announcements

Monday,  February 8 - Friday, February 12

Davie County Schools Pre-K Program is now accepting NC Pre-K applications:

Haga clic aquí para mas información (PDF)
Thursday, March 17, 2016

6:00pm at your local elementary school
Students must be registered in their home school district

Please bring:

  • Proof of Age – Certified Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residency
  • Kindergarten Health Assessment
  • Current Immunization Record

Immunization Requirements (PDF)
Health Assessment Form (PDF)

For more information, call your local Elementary School or Central Davie:
Cooleemee Elementary - 336.284.2581
Cornatzer Elementary - 336.940.5097
Mocksville Elementary - 336.751.2740
Pinebrook Elementary - 336.998.3868
Shady Grove Elementary - 336.998.4719

William R. Davie Elementary - 336.492.5421
Central Davie - 751-0016


February 1, 2016
Dear Prospective Kindergarten Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to the Davie County Public Schools family!  Starting Kindergarten is a major event in your child’s life. Your first introduction to the Davie County Public Schools is a program for parents, Kindergarten Orientation, which will be held at each elementary school on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 6:00 pm. At that time, you will have a chance to learn about all aspects of our kindergarten program.

 We are delighted that you have chosen to join our DCS school family. Our schools strive to meet the educational growth of today's students, and provide a positive learning environment for the growth of each student as we prepare for the changing needs of the future. We want to prepare children with the knowledge and skills needed to excel and lead in the 21st Century through a school culture that promotes wellness, academic excellence, curiosity, and creativity.

DCS staff members, in partnership with you, are committed to ensuring that your child is engaged in extraordinary learning opportunities that stir creativity, cultivate thinking, enhance physical and mental well-being and optimize the whole learning experience. It’s about the children, their families and dedicated staff and the community who make our schools special.  Enrolling a child in a new school can be overwhelming, but we hope to help ease the transition with the information below.

On March 17th you will meet your kindergarten teachers, administration and support staff.   You will have an opportunity to hear about the educational programs offered for your child and sign up for your school’s kindergarten screening.   Screening dates are listed below for each school.  You will also have the opportunity to sign up for a school lunch and tour with your child.

The following documents are required by the state of North Carolina for registration in the school system and we ask that you present this information to your home district elementary school on March 17th.

  1. Proof of age (a certified birth certificate) must be age five on or before August 31st
  2. Proof of Davie County Residency (power bill, water bill, etc.)
  3. Kindergarten Health Assessment (the physical cannot be prior to 8/29/2015) and North Carolina Immunization Records - most children receive immunizations at their five year old checkup.  If your child’s five year old checkup is after March 17th turn in this information immediately following the appointment.

If you are unable to attend orientation, please call your school after March 17th to schedule a screening time.

School                                                                        Screening Dates                                                Phone

Cooleemee Elementary                                  April 25 or 26                                                       284-2581

Cornatzer Elementary                                     May 12                                                                    940-5097

Mocksville Elementary                                    April 20                                                                    751-2740

Pinebrook Elementary                                     April 25                                                                   998-3868

Shady Grove Elementary                                May 5                                                                       998-4719

William R. Davie Elementary                        April 6 or 7                                                            492-5421

We hope you have a smooth transition into our schools and we wish you positive experiences here in DCS as we strive for every child to be successful.  If you have any questions about kindergarten enrollment, you can call your local elementary school at the number listed above or Central Davie Education Center at 751-0016.


Darrin L. Hartness, Ed. D.

Honors Assembly will be held in the school gym for Grades 3-5 at 8:30 AM.