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Student Services

345counselor.jpgThe student services department provides counseling and advising, safety, health, and wellness information and support for DCECHS students. The students services department has two full-time faculty members who provide counseling services, and several staff members who are shared among other schools.

Please click on the names below to read more about DCECHS counselors. Click on the links on the left to learn more about the counseling program and other student services.
                                                                                                      Teri Davies, Kala Tobin and Miles Catlett 


Teri Davies knows every Early College student by name. The first thought in her mind is what's best for you, and she's there to talk about whatever is on your mind! Her direct style will challenge you, but her sensitive, compassionate heart will also help you feel protected and connected. She loves animals of all kinds, and appreciates a good cup of coffee!

Ms. Davies provides social/emotional and academic counseling services to students through classroom lessons, individual and group counseling, and consultation with teachers, parents, and community organizations. Topics include organization and time mangement, school safety, college readiness skills, twenty-first century skills, self-awareness and self-concept, problem-solving, motivation, and academic strategies for success. She assists teachers in serving students who are at-risk for failure in high school and/or college classes, serves as the SST chair and the chair of the 504 committee, teaches yearbook, and is the testing coordinator for the school (among many other things).


Miles Catlett is excited about the world of work and wants to share that excitement with students. He works hard to provide work-focused lessons and counseling to students who need that extra bit of help in making career-related decisions. He is also the local computer guru and may choose to speak to you in conversational Spanish should the mood take him.

Mr. Catlett is the career counselor and serves students through career development classroom lessons, individual and group counseling, career planning, and consulation with students, parents, and community businesses. Topics include career assessment, choosing a career, choosing a college major, developing a competency plan, developing a career plan, job readiness skills, writing a resume, and collaboration and teamwork. Mr. Catlett is also the NHS sponsor, technology club sponsor, Spanish-speaking liaison, and technology liaison. 

Counseling Intern from Salem College