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Daily Announcements

Davie County Schools Pre-K Program is now accepting NC Pre-K applications:


 Mrs. Yount's and Mrs. Miller's class are happy to be back after Spring Break.  They are busy reading books in their book boxes and learning new words.  In math they are counting to 100 and doing lots of addition and subtraction word problems. They are also working on number combinations for different numbers.  They have a new intern from Davie High.  They are excited to have Miss Zella join their class.  

 First Grade

 Mrs. Southern and Mrs. Pruitt’s first grade class had an exciting week.  The students were pleased to meet Yaneth Jijon, a high school student who will be doing an internship in their class this semester. She will be working with the class three days per week for half-days. She is doing the internship through her Early Childhood Education class at Davie High.

The spelling focus this week was on the sounds “ue”, “ui”, and “ew”.  In reading, students worked in guided reading groups and worked on comprehension skills. In math, students finished up quarterly assessments and began their study of geometry. In this unit, students will study two and three dimensional shapes, as well as, ways to compare shapes by sides and vertices. They were challenged to construct shapes using other shapes. For example, they had to build a hexagon by using triangles and build a hexagon using trapezoids. Students enjoyed creating their own shapes, as well.

Second Grade

Mrs. Easter's 2nd grade class has just completed their unit on poetry. Students learned about several different types of poems and poetic devices. We read poems written by several poets and students had their turn to become poets as well. At the end of the unit students shared their favorite poems picnic style.

Third Grade

Third grade is back in full swing after a relaxing Spring Break.  In math, our focus is Measurement.  We are working on capacity, mass and elapsed time.  In reading, we have read a Scholastic News called Bug Bites.  This article contained information about the benefits of eating insects.  We have had different reactions to the thought of eating bugs.  Some students thought it was gross and others have said they would eat them as snacks.  We also completed our 3rd quarter benchmarks and are ready for our final quarter of school. 

Fourth Grade

The fourth grade students have been reading and writing poems.  They have learned about different types of poems and how figurative language is used in poetry.  In math, the students have been learning about geometry and fractions.  They have enjoyed playing games to help review these concepts. In science, the fourth graders are learning about rocks and minerals.  They have learned about the three different kinds of rocks and how each are formed.  The students have really had fun learning about rocks!

Fifth Grade

Students in Mr. Shepherd's class have been working really hard to learn about the Revolutionary War. Students have become colonists, built colonies, and joined either the Patriots or the Loyalists. Currently they are involved in a Revolutionary War simulation in which they have re-enacted certain events of the revolution. We have all enjoyed this activity and today is our last battle, the Battle of Yorktown.


With the kindergarten zoo trip just around the corner, the Kinders are running wild with excitement for learning.  There is no time for monkeying around.  These kindergarten students are all about the zoo and learning everything they can before their big trip next week.  The students have learned about lions, elephants, rhinos, chimpanzees, and many other animals.  They have read and talked about the grasslands, especially since many of the animals they will be observing next week typically live in the grasslands.  MES kinders still travel to the imaginary land called Letterland.  They have been learning about word families, specifically the U family.  The children are getting really good at blending and decoding words.  Math has been exciting lately too.  The kinders have learned many skill specific games and they have been allowed to freely explore those games as the teachers work in small groups on targeted math skills.  

First Grade

The students in Mrs. Spach’s and Mrs. Hunter’s class have been learning about soil and plants.  Students learned the different layers of soil and make edible soil as a snack.  We have been studying plants and why each part of the plant is important to its survival. In Math we are working on 2D and 3D shapes.  We have used pattern blocks to make composite shapes.  We also made 3D shapes out of marshmallows and toothpicks. In Reading we are learning about nonfiction texts and their text features.   

 Second Grade

Mrs. Fletcher and Miss Moore's second graders are learning about the life cycle of ants. The students have enjoyed reading Time for Kids - Ants, Hey Little Ant, Ant Cities, and One Hundred Hungry Ants. The students worked in groups to discuss the ant life cycle and then wrote paragraphs about what they had learned. After reading Hey Little Ant the class voted whether to squish the ant or not to squish the ant. Students had to persuade other students why they should or shouldn't squish the ant. The class enjoyed watching the Magic School Bus video Ants in Your Pants. To finish our unit on ants the class had a special ant snack. Which was vanilla ice cream, pretzels, M&M's, and Magic shell poured on top for the exoskeleton. The students had great time learning about ants.

Third Grade

Third graders have enjoyed seeing how illustrations can impact the meaning of a story while reading Two Bad Ants.  It has also been fun reading and comparing the many different versions of Cinderella.  Students highly recommend checking some of these versions from other countries out!  Measurement has been the focus in math with capacity, mass, and time.  We are all counting down the number of school days we have left!


Fourth Grade

This week Mrs. McKnight's class has been reviewing fractions and decimals.  They have been dissecting words problems in order to solve fraction and decimal problems.  In reading, students are learning about poetry.  Students have been required to read and write different kinds of poems.

 Fifth Grade

 Mrs. Miles’ class had a fantastic third quarter and is looking forward to the fourth quarter! We have been learning all the different types of figurative language. We have used song lyrics to see different examples and we have talked about how figurative language is everywhere! In math, we have all been working on fractions and we are about to move onto measurement. We have a lot of fun things left to do in fifth grade and we are excited to finish out the school year strong!